Featured in South Jersey Moms Magazine (Sept 2012 issue)

Our Karina Ballet Flats, Mum & Me Set are featured in the Sept issue of South Jersey Moms. Check it out!

Winner’s List (Facebook Contest Jan 2012)

Congratulations to Tina Temoche, winner of a $30 Gift Certificate to shop at MumMe!!

Thank-you for sending so many of your friends over! 🙂 We hope you will enjoy using your gift certificate to make your feet (or your little one’s feet) smile!

Also, congratulations to the 44 friends (listed below) who helped Tina win. Welcome to our fan page. We hope you will enjoy your free pair of high top socks! 🙂

Please email us at info@mummewear.com within the next 48 hours to claim your prize.

The winning friends: 

  1. Whitney Anne
  2. Rachel Jaques
  3. Peter T
  4. Jo Kohl
  5. Carol Silva-Zai
  6. Stephanie Rudd
  7. Erika Phillips
  8. Lyndzie Dawson
  9. Adriana Marrochi
  10. Jennifer Navarrete Brannan
  11. Nicole Simpson
  12. Laura Schincariol
  13. Janet Daigie Chevalier
  14. Erica Bishop Lee
  15. Kel Eh
  16. April Hidson
  17. Darba Wakefield
  18. Heather McKinnis
  19. Linda Lucciantonio
  20. Marie Thompson
  21. Megan Nagase
  22. Jenny Martin
  23. Desiree Doll
  24. Whitney Marie Norman
  25. Anna Obrochta
  26. Shannon Ailey-Agndin
  27. Christa Boaz
  28. D’Arcy Bishop
  29. Amber Lenhart
  30. Amanda Masek
  31. Janet Sweet
  32. Kim Bacani
  33. Mike Sweet
  34. Nancy Habina
  35. Beth Ann Keen
  36. Krista Sviergula
  37. DeeDee Putzel
  38. Ellen Brandt
  39. Gus Bowler
  40. Erica White
  41. Marybeth Griffin
  42. Chelsey Proctor
  43. Michelle McKinnis
  44. Rachel Howell